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Looking for a pellet stove that is small and compact? Look no further than the enviro mini pellet stove! This stove is perfect for people who want to save space or those who are looking for an affordable option. In this blog post, we will discuss the features of the enviro mini pellet stove, as well as some of its benefits. We will also provide you with some tips on how to use your stove safely and efficiently. So, if you are interested in learning more about enviro mini pellet stoves, keep reading.

Enviro mini pellet stoves are a great way to heat your home while being environmentally friendly. Pellet stoves burn pellets made of recycled wood and other biomass materials. They are highly efficient, and pellets are a renewable resource. Enviro also manufactures pellet inserts that can be retrofitted into existing fireplaces. Pellet inserts are a great option if you want to keep your existing fireplace but upgrade to a more efficient heating source. 

Enviro mini pellet stoves are available in a variety of styles and colors to match any decor. They are easy to operate, and the pellets are readily available from many retailers. If you are looking for an efficient, eco-friendly way to heat your home, an enviro mini pellet stove is a great option.

Features Of Enviro Mini Pellet Stoves 

Automatic Ignition 

Automatic ignition on enviro mini pellet stoves is a feature that allows you to start your stove with the push of a button. No need for lighter fluid or matches, simply press the button and the stove will do the rest. Automatic ignition is a great safety feature, especially if you have children or pets in the home. It also makes it easy to restart your stove if it goes out for any reason. To use the automatic ignition, simply press and hold the button for about three seconds. The stove will then ignite and begin to heat up. Once the stove is heated, you can release the button and the stove will continue to operate normally. Automatic ignition is a convenient feature that can make operating your enviro mini pellet stove easier and safer.

Programmable Thermostat 

Programmable thermostats are one of the most energy-efficient features on enviro mini pellet stoves. By automatically lowering the temperature when you’re away or asleep, you can save money on your energy bill. Programmable thermostats can also be used to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, even when there are fluctuations in the weather outside. In addition, many programmable thermostats come with features that allow you to track your energy usage and set alerts for when the temperature changes. As a result, programmable thermostats can help you save both money and energy.

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Ash Removal Tray 

Ash removal is an important part of regular stove maintenance. The enviro mini pellet stove is designed with this in mind, and features an easy-to-use ash removal tray. To remove the ashes, simply open the door to the firebox and push the release button on the ash tray. The tray will slide out, allowing you to safely dispose of the ashes. Be sure to clean the ash tray regularly to prevent clogging and ensure optimal stove performance.

Large Hopper For Pellet Storage 

Enviro mini pellet stoves have a large hopper that can hold up to 45 pounds of pellets. This is ideal for those who want to store a large supply of pellets so they don’t have to constantly reload the stove. The pellets are fed into the burn pot by an auger, and the Large hopper ensures that there is a constant supply of pellets available for the auger to feed into the pot. This eliminates the need for manual reloading and makes it easy to keep the stove burning for long periods of time. 

The Large hopper is also convenient for those who want to use their pellet stove as a backup heat source in case of a power outage. With a Large hopper, you can be sure that you have enough pellets on hand to keep your home warm even if the power goes out.

Self-Cleaning Burn Pot 

The Self-Cleaning Burn Pot is one of the many features that make the Enviro Mini Pellet Stove a top choice for small spaces. This feature allows the stove to clean itself, meaning less time and effort spent on maintenance. Here’s how it works: combustion air is forced up through the Burn Pot, causing any built-up debris to be burned off. This Self-Cleaning function not only makes the Enviro Mini Pellet Stove easy to care for, but it also extends the life of the stove. In addition, the Self-Cleaning Burn Pot helps to improve the efficiency of the stove, as there is less chance of unburned pellets clogging up the burn pot. As a result, the Enviro Mini Pellet Stove is a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance option.

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All About Enviro Mini Pellet Stoves - Image from pixabay by Hans
All About Enviro Mini Pellet Stoves – Image from pixabay by Hans

Air Wash System 

The Air wash system on the enviro mini pellet stove is designed to keep the viewing glass clean. Air is forced up past the glass at high velocity, creating a “curtain” of air that washes away any particulates that settle on the surface. This system is effective at keeping the glass clean and Results in minimal build-up of soot or creosote . As a result, you can enjoy a clear view of the fire without having to worry about excessive cleaning.

How To Use Enviro Mini Pellet Stoves Safely And Efficiently 

When using enviro mini pellet stoves, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and use the stove properly. Before lighting the stove, make sure that it is installed and vented according to manufacturer’s specifications. Double check that all vents are clear and unobstructed before lighting the fire. When loading pellets into the hopper, avoid overfilling as this can cause a fire hazard. Also, be sure to regularly clean out the ash tray and inspect the stove for any damage or leaks.

To operate the enviro mini pellet stove efficiently, make sure that the room is properly insulated and draft-free. Adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature and allow the stove to run until the room reaches that temperature. Avoid constantly adjusting the thermostat, as this can cause unnecessary cycling of the stove and decrease efficiency. Finally, it is important to regularly clean and maintain the enviro mini pellet stove to ensure optimal performance.

Following these tips will help ensure the safe and efficient use of enviro mini pellet stoves in your home.

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