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What are Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets?

Hamer’s Hot Ones is a premium grade hardwood pellet fuel. It is one of the best-rated pellets for pellet stoves on the market.

This pellet is made from verified sustainable pure Appalachian hardwood sawdust. 

This pellet provides a consistently clean and hot burning pellet that will keep your home warm throughout the cold long months of winter.

Hamer’s is 100% all-natural hardwood. This makes the pellet burn pure, clean, and environmentally friendly with extremely low emissions and very little ash.


Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets Specifications:

  • Type: Hardwood
  • Material: 100% Appalachian Oak
  • BTU/ LB: 8500
  • Ash Percentage: 0.49
  • Bag Weight: 40 lbs


These pellets are rated as “premium grade”. That means, Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets meet the following standards of a premium grade pellet:

  • Less than 1% ash
  • Less than 0.5% fines
  • Less than 8% moisture content
  • Bulk Density of 40 to 48 lb per cubic foot

About Hamer’s Hot Ones

Hamer’s Hot Ones is considered one of the best hardwood pellets on the market. Manufactured by Hamer Pellet Fuel Co, the oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States, this pellet is made from 100% Appalachian Oak hardwood sawdust.

Hamer Pellet Fuel Co performs the following:

  • Quality Control – These pellets are made of Appalachian hardwood sawdust that comes from the daily operations of Hamer’s family-owned sawmills. Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets are made from clean hardwood dust that has not touched the ground. Hamer’s states that the sawdust is “collected and transported in special dust trailers that protect the dust on the road to the plant ensuring superior quality.”

  • Lab Testing – Hamer Pellet Fuel Co tests every 5th ton of Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets produced for ash and fines content at their lab onsite to ensure the pellets meet or exceed premium grade standards.

  • Protective Packaging – In manufacturing and packaging, Hamer Pellet Fuel Co uses an automated bag line, robot stacker, and automated hooder machine to ensure each package of pellets is evenly stacked with uniform packaging. Each ton of hamer’s hot ones pellets is secured by an elastic UV-protected hooder bag to ensure that each ton of pellets is clean, safe, and stable during transport.

Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets Review

Hamer’s hot ones pellets are known for their heat. These pellets boast an impressively high BTU rate (8500). Here is what others are saying about Hamer’s Hot Ones Pellets.

Positive Reviews

Hamers are my go-to pellet. They are a hardwood but burn hot and clean like a softwood and prices line up with the “junk” pellets from the big box stores , and as pellets go , the Hamers blow away all the other pellets at the price point.

I have been burning Hamers Hot Ones pellets for the past 3 years and have no complaints. They burn hot with very little ash. I noticed that I hardly ever get any clinkers with Hamers as apposed to the hardwood pellet brand I use to get at the big box stores

We have burned the hamers pellets in our harmon pellet stove for 2 years now. We love them! They burn hot and slow. Every once in awhile we hear a big chunk dropping but not very often. Would definitely recommend!

Love these pellets. Super dense and hot pellets. Low ash with an amazing hardwood floor smell. Super nice! Keep up the good work guys! Love your product

Negative Reviews

Used these for the last 2 years. This year there seemed to be more ash and burned dirty compared to Easy Blaze. Still better than box store brand.

Significantly more ash compared to other ‘premium’ brands, Hamer’s Hot Ones are moving down on my list of options.

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