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The question is, how to store wood pellets, one of the greatest fuels for tasty barbecuing? Follow these steps to keep your smoking wood pellets fresh and ready to use.

It’s no surprise that pellet smokers have exploded in popularity given that cooking with wood pellets is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to barbecue.

When compared to other grilling fuels like charcoal, electric, or even propane gas, the low cost of using a pellet smoker barbecue is undeniable. These savings will mount up quickly if you enjoy pellet-smoking substantial cuts of meat like chuck roast, brisket, or hog shoulder.

Buying your smoking wood pellets in bulk is a great way to save money. It’s not hard to find deals if you buy bags weighing more than 20 (or even 40) pounds at a time.

What happens to the leftover pellets, though? Pellets, like other types of wood, can quickly deteriorate if not properly maintained. The good news is that putting them away safely is a breeze. Here, we’ll show you the ideal storage conditions for them, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

how to store wood pellets
how to store wood pellets

Wood Pellets, Do They Expire?

Because they are often constructed from genuine hardwood, wood pellets can decay quickly if they become wet. Flavor and energy efficiency both suffer when wood pellets go bad. This can make the cooking process more difficult and result in tasteless meals.

Similarly, pellets that have grown wet or deteriorated may soften to the point where they jam your hopper or auger. There is a risk that if this gets serious enough, the smoker will break.

How To Store Wood Pellets

For the best results, after you have your bags of wood pellets, you should not just leave them in the bags they arrived in.

Make use of large plastic bins. If the professionals are using them, we should too. Put the pellets in the containers and close the lids as quickly as you can. The moisture-proof seals on these containers will keep your pellets dry and usable for much longer. Always check the label to make sure they are FDA-approved and sealed before use. Surely if they can help keep food safe from bacteria, they can keep our pellets dry as well.

Dry Environment

Your pellets should be kept in a dry place, just like you would with dry foods like rice or pasta. We want to make sure that the pellets don’t get wet or mushy in any manner, shape, or form, and that includes taking every precaution the containers allow. This also applies to the moisture in the air.

Natural wood pellets are the finest choice for use in a pellet grill or smoker, but they can be damaged by exposure to moisture due to their composition. Therefore, they must be kept dry at all times.

The good news is that you can keep them dry wherever you put them, whether it’s inside or out! Humidity is a common difficulty when spending time outside, making the winter months a better time to enjoy the outdoors.

If you need to store something, don’t do it in a basement or a leaky shed. Your best bet is probably some kind of cabinet or cupboard. Your pellet containers would be best kept in dry cabinets, so a garage is a good option if you have one. If you’re lucky enough to have access to a pantry, then this could also be a viable alternative.

Avoid using plastic bags with zippers. Despite common belief, they do not seal completely.

Avoid Warmth

Keep pellets away from any kind of heat source. Problems can arise from storing them near sources of radiant or direct heat, such as water boilers, fireplaces, water heaters, and even cars. Both fire and moisture issues might be made worse by their presence.

Stay Off The Ground

Pellets shouldn’t be kept on the ground. It’s not necessary for rain or spills to cause moist floors. Store your pellets in a cupboard or on a shelf above the ground.

A pallet, or simply a 24 on the floor, might be used in place of a shelf or cabinet if you’re desperate for extra storage. They should be alright as long as they don’t touch the damp floor.

Keep Closed Until Needed

To keep the pellets fresh for as long as possible, it is essential to only open the bag right before using them. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should enclose them.

If you have multiple bags of pellets, use the oldest bag to fill your containers first.

Forming A Stack

When dealing with multiple pellet bags, it’s important to stack them carefully. If you stack the pellets too high, the weight of the pellets on top of each other could cause the pellets to deform.

The crisscross pattern is the optimal technique to stack them. There will be less strain on the bags and more dry air can circulate between them.

Try The Pellets Out!

Inspect the pellets thoroughly before lighting them. Before you fill the hopper, grab a few and see if you can snap them. They may be too damp or old to use if they don’t snap. We cannot use them if they have absorbed too much water.

A lack of shine is another red flag that your pellets aren’t up to par. Keep an eye out for any cracking as well. If they are shiny and snap, they can go in the hopper.


Now you know how to store wood pellets the right way! By following these simple steps, you can make sure your pellets are fresh and dry for every cook. Keep an eye on the condition of your pellets and only use the best ones for smoking or grilling. With a little bit of care, you can enjoy amazing food from your pellet grill or smoker all year long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pellets Have To Be Removed From The Hopper?

Pellets can be damaged by exposure to moisture in the air, humidity, or even rain if left in the smoker hopper after they have been used. The wetness from any of these sources can cause the pellets to decay. A door or clean-out feature in the hopper is a common feature on pellet smoker grills, making it simple to remove any stray pellets. After each usage, drain the pellets out of the hopper and store them in an airtight container for later.

What Is The Wood Pellet Storage Lifespan?

Wood pellets have a shelf life of roughly 6 months if they are kept dry and out of the damp. The shelf life is shortened to 1-3 months if they are kept in a humid location.

Do Wood Pellets Decompose If Left Outside?

The safest method to keep your pellets is to keep them indoors, but that isn’t always an option. In the absence of a dry garage or other indoor storage option, you can keep them in a shed or other outdoor shelter, provided that they are kept in an elevated, dry location that is also far from any heat source or moving vehicles. Make sure there are no rips or holes in the plastic wrapping they were shipped in. You should fix or seal them if they leak.

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