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In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of how to light a pellet stove. Many people are unsure of how to get their pellet stove going. It’s very simple, and with these instructions, you’ll be able to start up your stove in no time!

The global oil crisis that began in 1973 was largely responsible for driving the market entry of products such as the wood pellet stove. Because oil is the primary component in the operation of heaters, the stove was developed to assist in lessening the dependency that people have on oil.

Unfortunately, even though the product was developed with the best of intentions, it was not widely adopted by consumers until the past 15 years, at which point the utilization of pellet stoves has skyrocketed, particularly in the United States of America and Europe.

how to light a pellet stove

To this day, pellet stoves have evolved into some of the most cost-effective heating systems available across the globe. It’s possible that the persistent rise in the price of fossil fuels is to blame for the spike in popularity that this trend is experiencing. The fact that the stove runs on wood pellets, a source of energy that can be replenished naturally, makes it an eco-friendly appliance.

How To Light A Pellet Stove

When lighting a pellet stove, it is quite essential that you utilize just premium wood pellets and not any other forms of fuel sources. The first time you try to light your pellet stove could be difficult, but if you have a guide by your side, it will be much simpler. Whether your pellet stove has a manual or an automatic ignition mechanism determines how you light the stove.

How To Light A Pellet Stove With Automatic Ignition

With automatic ignition, lighting the stove is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the hopper is filled with pellets and that they are not damp or clumped together. 
  2. Close the feed door and allow the auger to fill up the firepot with pellets. 
  3. Press and hold down the “start” button on the control panel until you hear a click, indicating that the igniter has been activated. 
  4. Wait for approximately 10 minutes for the pellets in the firepot to start burning consistently on their own. 
  5. Adjust the flame height by using either the “high,” “low,” or “off” buttons on the control panel. 
  6. After use, remember to turn off both your pellet stove and its power supply for safety reasons.  
  7. Regularly clean out ashes from the firepot to ensure the optimum performance of your pellet stove. 

How To Light A Pellet Stove With Manual Ignition

Lighting a pellet stove with manual ignition can seem intimidating at first. Don’t worry – with a little guidance, this task can easily become part of your routine. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove any remaining ash from the firepit using a scoop or vacuum cleaner.
  2. Fill the hopper with pellets, making sure not to overfill it.
  3. Use fireplace matches or a long lighter to ignite three small piles of pellets in the firepit.
  4. Wait for the pellets to catch flame before adjusting the damper and turning on the stove’s fan.
  5. Turn on the auger to slowly feed more pellets into the firepit.
  6. Adjust the thermostat as needed and let the stove run until it has reached your desired temperature.
  7. Remember to remove ash as needed and refill the hopper when necessary.

Careful Measures For Lighting A Pellet Stove

If you have recently purchased a pellet stove for your home, it’s important to learn the proper ways to light and maintain the fire. Unfortunately, homeowners can easily make mistakes that could lead to damage or injury. Here are some measures to keep in mind when using your pellet stove:

  • Before lighting, one should make it a habit to check that the intake and exhaust vents are clear of any blockages.
  • It is important to remove any ashes left over from the previous burn before beginning a new fire.
  • Do not use any other fuels, such as wood or coal, but rather only high-quality pellets that are designed to work in pellet stoves.
  • Never walk away from a fire that is still burning; put out the fire completely before leaving the room or retiring for the night.
  • Instead of using paper or liquid accelerants, you should make use of a fire starter cube or kindling.
  • Before putting out the fire, make sure that all of the vents are shut, and then wait for the embers that are left to go out.
  • It is important to give the stove routine maintenance, which includes removing ash from the combustion chamber and replacing worn parts as they become necessary.
  • It is important to avoid overfilling the hopper with an excessive amount of pellets because doing so can cause the stove to become overheated and sustain damage.
  • Any flammable substance should be kept at least three feet away from the stove at all times, especially when it is lit.
  • If any damage occurs, you should never attempt to repair it yourself; instead, you should always engage a licensed professional for service and repairs.
how to light a pellet stove

If The Pellet Stove Doesn’t Light, What To Do

If your pellet stove isn’t lighting, the first step is to check the power source. Make sure it’s plugged in and that the outlet is functioning properly. 

Next, check to see if the hopper has enough pellets and that they are feeding properly into the burn pot. If not, refill or rearrange the pellets so they feed properly. 

If those steps don’t solve the problem, it’s time to check the igniter. These can sometimes become clogged with ash or debris, so use a brush or vacuum attachment to clean them out. You may also need to replace worn ignition wires or fuel nozzles. 

Finally, if none of these solutions solve the issue, it’s time to call in a professional technician for further troubleshooting and repairs. A well-functioning pellet stove can provide warmth and comfort during colder months, so don’t hesitate to take care of any issues promptly.

Final Thoughts

A pellet stove might be the perfect answer for you if you’re looking for a way to keep your house toasty and comfortable over the long, chilly winter months. When lighting a pellet stove, it is crucial to keep in mind that some specific processes and precautions should always be done to keep yourself and others safe. If you take the effort to maintain and ignite your pellet stove correctly, you will be able to take advantage of its warmth throughout the entire season.

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